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Track A/B testing performance, export data and segment audiences in the dashboard. Seamlessly integrate with Webflow, customize tracking and access detailed analytics to drive higher conversion rates.
View results: Track the performance of your tests and conversions.
Export data: Export all testing data in CSV format.
Analytics & reporting: Analytics and reporting are coming soon.
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How does the Optibase dashboard work?

Optibase is a powerful A/B testing application designed to help you understand and improve how your website or app works. We built both a Webflow app and a web app so you can track the performance of your tests without having to open Webflow and navigate to the specific project. 

This testing application focuses on two main things: figuring out what actions users take on your site (conversions) and testing different versions of your website to see which ones work best (variants).

The ultimate guide to A/B testing in Webflow

Follow this guide and test different versions of your site and discover the best performing ones to improve conversions.

Benefits of our dashboard for A/B testing

Optibase seamlessly integrates with Webflow, offering a convenient solution for tracking and optimizing your A/B tests without having to navigate through Webflow.

Integration with Webflow

The web app integrates seamlessly with Webflow, providing a user-friendly interface for monitoring the performance of your A/B tests. With easy access to test results and detailed analytics, you can make informed decisions to improve conversion rates.

Tracking and analytics

Customizable tracking capabilities and detailed analytics bring you valuable insights into your A/B tests. Track key metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, scroll depth, time on page and visualize data to see where you need to improve and optimize.

Data management

Export all testing data in CSV format for additional analysis and reporting. The Optibase web app offers efficient data management features, allowing you to export A/B test results and share insights with team members or investors.

Audience segmentation

Segment your audience based on different criteria, including geolocation, device type, operating system and browser. Our dashboard provides audience segmentation capabilities, enabling you to address specific user groups and tailor your A/B tests for maximum effect.

Conversion rate optimization

By leveraging all the capabilities of this application, you can continuously optimize your conversion rates over time. Track the performance of your tests, analyze results and implement changes to enhance user experience and drive more conversions for your business.

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More A/B testing features

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Reliable statistics

With the Probability to Be Best metric, users can make data-driven decisions by identifying the variant most likely to bring optimal results. It's calculated using Bayesian statistics, which consider the observed results and the uncertainty inherent in testing. 

No flickering

Our testing platform ensures a smooth and consistent user experience by eliminating flickering during A/B tests. This feature enhances the reliability of experiment results and maintains the integrity of the testing environment, enhancing trust among users and their target audience.

GDPR compliance

With strict adherence to GDPR regulations, Optibase prioritizes data privacy and security, providing users with peace of mind while conducting experiments. Compliance with the latest developments ensures that user data is handled ethically and responsibly at all times. 

Cross-domain testing

Optibase supports cross-domain testing, allowing users to evaulate variations across multiple domains. This comprehensive experimentation across different web properties allows for much better understanding of user behavior and their preferences.

Preview variants

Previewing test variants before deployment allows you more thorough evaluation and lets you fine-tune experiment settings. This feature ensures that the test aligns with user expectations and objectives, enhancing the overall effectiveness of experiments in Webflow. 

Traffic allocation

The flexible traffic allocation options in Optibase allow users to distribute traffic evenly or based on specific criteria across test variants. Maximize the impact of A/B tests with strategic experimentation and optimization of user engagement metrics.
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Frequently asked questions

How does your web app integrate with Webflow for A/B testing?
The Optibase web app seamlessly integrates with Webflow, providing a convenient interface to track and optimize A/B tests without navigating through Webflow. It streamlines the testing process, allowing you to monitor test performance and make data-driven decisions from our dashboard.
Can I export A/B testing data from your web app?
Yes, our web app enables you to export all testing data in CSV format, making additional analysis and reporting super easy. This feature allows you to share insights with team members or investors and get a deeper understanding of test results.
How does audience segmentation work for A/B testing?
Optibase offers audience segmentation capabilities based on factors like geolocation, device type (screen size), operating system and browser. This lets you target specific user groups and tailor A/B tests for maximum effectiveness. 
How do you prioritize A/B testing hypotheses?
A/B testing hypotheses can be prioritized based on factors like potential impact, ease of implementation, alignment with business goals, relevance to target audience and how much resources you have. Prioritizing helps you focus testing efforts on the most promising opportunities for website optimization.