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About us

Built by Flowout

Flowout is a fast-growing Webflow design & development subscription service. We're a team of 25+ people and have served over 100 clients like, Sequoia Capital, Sendlane and many others. Having already created two Webflow apps, Linguana and Vidzflow, we've now taken on building Optibase to give the Webflow community a simple way to test their designs.
A/B & Split Testing

Make data-driven decisions for your Webflow site with Optibase

Say goodbye to guessing and hello to data-driven decisions with Optibase's A/B and split testing app for Webflow. Test everything from copy to design or even entire pages and improve your conversions.
No flickering: No flickering that can mess up your website's UX.
Performance: Test without impacting your website's performance.
Audience segmentation: Geolocation and screen size.
Track Conversions

Customizable tracking for every element on your Webflow site

Easily track click events and form submissions to measure variation performance. It's as simple as creating a conversion in our Webflow app and connecting it to the element you want to measure.
Connect: Connect it to the specific element you want to measure.
Track anything: Track any click event or form submission.
Measure: Easily measure the success of elements on your website.
Web App

Track and measure your way to higher conversions

We built both a Webflow app and a web app - our web app is convenient to use since you can track the performance of your tests without having to open Webflow and navigate to the specific project in a designer.
View results: Track the performance of your tests and conversions.
Simple and intuitive: Say goodbye to unnecessarily bloated tools.
Detailed analytics: Detailed analytics and reporting are coming soon.

What others are saying

Chris Williams
Director of Marketing @ All Copy Products
“I am really excited about Optibase because it fills in a massive need for Webflow.”
Hristian Kambourov
Founder @ Revise Agency
“A much needed product for the Webflow community. Congrats on the launch and I see only good things for your team moving forward.”
Alexandre Teillet
CEO @ Mekaa Agency
“A very cool product ! Already in use with my clients on Webflow”
Julian Galluzzo
Community projects @ Memberstack
“This is looooong overdue - great work to the team. Especially since Google Optimize was deprecated, there's a massive hole in the market. But even if Google Optimize was still here, Optibase is way better for Webflow”
Tim Šfiligoj
Founder @ 350life Agency
“This is awesome, was able to test it already & can't wait to see where it goes from there. Something Webflow needed badly.”
Chris Erickson
Webflow Expert
"Shut up and take my money!"
CMO @ Submagic
“This is exactly what I've needed for the past 6 months, I haven't found any way within Webflow to easily A/B test (apart from external tools, which are complicated to get the hang of). Kudos for this launch, and I can't wait to try Optibase!”
Benjamin Aguilera
Webflow Expert
“This is godsent. I've been struggling with this for months now. You and your team are absolute legends.”
Kane Garland
Webflow developer @ Crunch
“Love this app. Works perfect and will be using it on our company website!”
Thomas Sulentic
“That’s impressive - and needed in our toolbox”
Veer Manhas
Founder @ Lil Big Things LLC
“A much needed product in the space. Can't wait to use it for our first project!”
Robert Simmons
Webflow Expert
“Love the idea, especially with Google Optimise biting the dust.”
Romano Pravdič
Founder @
“THIS is something what was needed 2 years ago. Thank you a lot!”
How it works

A/B testing made easy for Webflow

1. Install our app

The first step is simple - just head over to the Webflow app marketplace and search for our app. Once you've found it, click on the blue button that says "Install app".

2. Create a test

Head on over to the Webflow designer and start setting up your test or conversion events. It's super easy, and the Webflow app will guide you through the process.

3. Analyse results

Optibase's web app makes it easy to track and analyze the data. You can quickly see which variations are performing better and make data-driven decisions.
Other features

Take control of your website's performance

No flickering

No more flickering between variants that can mess up your website's user experience and affect conversions. Optibase runs smoothly.

Affordable pricing

We know that there are other options that may offer more features, but why pay for features you don't actually need?

Audience segmentation

By segmenting your audience based on their geolocation and screen size, you can limit who is exposed to your tests.

Webflow specific

We know Webflow inside and out, so we built a tool that's simple, intuitive, and perfectly integrated with your workflow

GDPR compliant

Optibase is GDPR compliant. We have implemented the necessary measures to ensure that our app complies with the GDPR.

No-code friendly

Optibase is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to start testing their website without having to deal with code.