AB test idea: Testimonials on the pricing page

AB test adding testimonials to pricing

Try adding your customer testimonials directly to the pricing page to see if your conversions increase. If you have a lot of positive reviews about your product or service, make sure to use them. Showing a lot of social proof (especially as personalized as possible) is a super effective persuasion technique.

People are social beings, and we have a strong tendency to copy others' choices when we are not sure how to decide. Also, seeing that someone else's experience with your product was positive will give your potential customers more confidence in making a purchase.

This test idea is based on some simple psychological facts, like the social comparison theory - individuals prefer to evaluate themselves by comparing to others, trying to avoid making irrational decisions on their own.

How to test

In this A/B test, you should run two variations of your pricing page - one having a lot of customer testimonials right underneath and one completely without them. This way you will see if positive experience from others really affects the decision making of your potential customers.

Keep in mind that this test will usually take longer and you won't be able to determine if it was successful after just two weeks. Also, smaller sample sizes under 1k visitors will not be enough to make conclusions, so make sure you have more traffic before testing this. If you don't have a lot of traffic, it's still suggested to add as many customer testimonials as you can - pages that have them usually perform much better.

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