AB test idea: No more than 3 plans

AB test no more than 3 pricing plans

Offering more than 3 different pricing plans will make your site visitors overwhelmed. The so-called paradox of choice explains that having too much choice can lead individuals to reach less effective and satisfactory decisions.

Try offering a maximum of 3 pricing plans, which will help your users make better decisions. Without information overload and with fewer options to choose from, your site visitors will be able to make satisfying decisions faster - resulting in more conversions.

How to test

In this A/B test, you reduce the number of available plans to less than 3 in one variation, testing if it results in more conversions because your site visitors will be able to make better decisions faster.

For example, you can run one variation with 5 different pricing plans (increasing limits or features), and the other variation with 3 or less. In this case, you will get more value by upgrading to a higher plan because it's fewer options. Track if your revenue changes and implement the winning variant.

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