AB test idea: Add a pricing page

AB test a dedicated pricing page

Adding a dedicated pricing page to your website offers a lot of benefits. It's super simple, clear and effective way of displaying your prices instead of having it all cluttered on the homepage. It also allows your site visitors to take their time and compare the prices without other distractions like live chat widgets, pop-ups or other CTA buttons on the website.

If you have a dedicated pricing page, you can also test future variations (price changes for example) more easily. Moreover, it's also backed by psychological studies. The simple act of closure (closing down a tab for example when you make the payment) stops us from thinking over out decisions and questioning whether we made the right choice. This will increase overall customer satisfaction in the long run.

How to test

In this A/B test, you should set up one website variation with a dedicated pricing page, and the other with pricing displayed on your homepage. Tracking traffic to your subpages and conversion rate will tell you if keeping an additional page is worth it.

It also allows you to add more customer testimonials to back up your product, and gives you more maneuvering space on your landing page when it comes to design and position of certain elements. Having a dedicated pricing page also means that your CTA button can be more persuasive, considering that site visitors are already interested in seeing how much it costs.

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