AB test idea: No credit card needed

AB test no credit card needed

Try removing the need for credit card information for new users when they're just starting out (free plan or free trial). The pain of paying greatly reduces the pleasure and results in less conversions from potential customers, because they don't have an easy way to try out your product.

Behind this A/B test idea is a simply psychology trick. Being required to enter credit card details (especially if you just want to try out something for free) evokes the negative feelings associated with spending money, and it's much more likely that users will back out.

If you have a free plan or trial for your product, requiring visitors to enter their credit card info defeats the purpose of what is supposed to be "free". Instead, it's recommended that you wait for the free trial to end to ask for any kind of payment. Also, if you give your users enough time to experience the value of your tool, the conversion rates should definitely increase.

How to test

In this A/B test, you should compare two different variations of your landing page - one requiring credit card info to get started, and the other one without it. Run the test and analyze results - in most cases, the variation with easier access to get started should come out as a clear winner.

But keep in mind that this only means conversion rate of free users. You must also track which version brings in the most revenue when people decide to upgrade and optimize that aspect of it.

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