AB test idea: Introduce free trial

AB test adding a free trial

By introducing a free trial for your product, you enable potential customers to experience the real value and benefits without paying upfront. Not only is this another strong sales step in your funnel, but it also removes the negative feelings associated with making a payment. If your customers need to pay before even getting started, they will have an unpleasant experience or might not even start using your product.

Having a free trial will also attract more site visitors searching for affordable solutions, and you might win them over once they experience the benefits of your product. By giving them a chance to try it out for free, you increase the chances of them purchasing after that period. Why? Because we place more value on goods that we already have in our possession and are less likely to part with them, unless the experience is really bad.

How to test

In this A/B test, you should compare two different variations. Option A should have no free trial, prompting users to make an instant purchase, and option B should offer them a free trial (usually 7, 14 or 30 days - you can also test different duration).

After your users go through the whole cycle (ending their free trial and making a purchase or leaving your product), compare how both variations performed and keep optimizing the one that gave you better results. In Optibase, P2BB metric is a good indicator of what works and what doesn't work.

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